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Dale Perkins, Owner Perkins Protection Training
Home Protection
Your home is a place to rest and recuperate from
the stress of your job and outside responsibilities.  
It should be a safe haven where you can create a
loving family life.

In our home protection class you will:

  • Learn to use lighting, landscaping, and quality
    locks for doors and windows to decrease the
    chances that an intruder will find your house an
    easy mark.

  • Learn about the moral and ethical issues involved
    in protecting yourself and your family inside your

  •  Learn a system of mental awareness that can
    give you precious seconds to react, yet without
    becoming paranoid

  •  Learn to create a positive mindset that will help
    you to survive an intrusion

  •  Learn how to set a limit that will trigger your
    actions if you are confronted by an armed intruder
    inside your home

  • Learn how to create a plan to react appropriately

  • Learn what information you should give the 911

  •  Learn how to safely greet the police after they
    are dispatched to your house

  •  Learn about the physical and mental changes that
    occur when you experience an "adrenaline dump",
    the fight or flight bodily reaction to sudden danger

  •  Experience using those skills under stress
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