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Perkins Protection Training
Classes for New Mexico and Utah Concealed Carry Permits    Albuquerque, NM
Dale Perkins, Owner Perkins Protection Training
Concealed Carry Classes for
New Mexico and Utah Licenses

NM Department of Public Safety (DPS) CHC License
  • Minimum age - 21 years

  • A citizen of the United States

  • A New Mexico resident (or member/dependent of the
    U.S. Armed Forces)

  • Satisfactorily complete a DPS-approved CHC firearms

Our Concealed Carry class will help you to

  • Understand the moral issues of self-defense

  • Understand how to avoid and control violent

  • Learn the basics of Non-violent dispute resolution

  • Select a handgun for personal defense

  • Choose the proper ammunition types and know their

  • Acquire basic defensive handgun skills

  • Understand safe firearms storage techniques

  • Devise strategies for home defense

  • Understand the concealed carry draw

  • Learn about Firearms and the Law

  • Take the required Basic defensive shooting

  • Know what forms DPS requires you to submit for a

Additional Information

NM's official Concealed Carry Web Site

Utah's official Concealed Carry Web Site

Advantages of getting a license for both New Mexico
and Utah

Your can take our class for New Mexico CHC only, or add a Utah
license, which allows you to carry in many additional states.

Here are maps of states accepting  NM licenses,  states accepting
Utah licenses, and states covered if you have both Licenses  
(coming soon)

Schedule of Concealed Carry Classes
For information about  classes, please call (505) 238-1214
or send email to

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