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Classes for New Mexico and Utah Concealed Carry Permits    Albuquerque, NM
Dale Perkins, Owner Perkins Protection Training
Beginning Pistol Class
We offer beginning pistol classes for individuals or
groups.  Even if you have never touched a pistol
before, we can guide you step by step to acquire
the skills needed to handle and shoot a pistol safely
and accurately.  You will use completely non-
operational simulation rounds at first, then
progress to live ammunition later in the class.

In these classes you will learn

  • Safety rules and safety skills

  • Responsibilities of a gun owner

  • Parts and operations of the two types of pistols
    (revolver and semi-automtic)

  • The difference between single action, double
    action, and double action only pistols

  • How to safely load, unload, and operate each of
    these types of handguns

  • Shooting fundamentals - stance, grip, breath
    control, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and

  • Pros and cons of buying a revolver or a semi-

  • How to recognize and correct common target
    grouping errors
For information about  classes, please call (505) 238-1214
or send email to

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